Seamlessly scale your application alongside growth in user activity.


The established expectation of Web 2 scalability is to easily scale an application's load capacity alongside growth in user activity. Computing application logic to serve requests takes a fraction of a second, and the user gets near immediate responses to any input.

However, transaction throughput is an often-stated issue of Web 3 applications because of the need for each state change to be approved through consensus by the blockchain network. While reaching consensus within a distributed network drastically increases security, it adds significant friction to existing behavior patterns by requiring users to wait several seconds for each action that they take.

The goal then is to provide users with the same guarantees that the application they are using can easily scale alongside growth in activity without hindering product experience.

User benefits

  • Removing the need to wait an extended period of time for a transaction to be processed while maintaining the security properties of the underlying blockchain network

  • Reducing the cost of blockchain state changes down to near-zero by removing the need for a blockchain network to come to consensus on each transaction

  • Receiving near-immediate responses to user input