Easily onboard any user into the Web 3 ecosystem.


The established expectation of Web 2 onboarding is to create a username, password, and go through mobile/email verification to gain entry. This onboarding process is simple and can be completed in seconds.

However, when a new user lands on an application with Web 3 functionality, the user needs a wallet to provide identification and handle crypto-assets. There are various options to onboard a new user with a wallet, but current methods add significant friction around existing behavior patterns by requiring ancillary software downloads or management of cryptographic private keys.

The goal then is to maintain a streamlined onboarding process by baking the wallet creation process into a traditional user account management flow and keep this extra Web 3 requirement as invisible as possible from the user.

User benefits

  • Giving users immediate access to Web 3 application functionality without prerequisite ancillary software downloads

  • Allowing users to quickly and painlessly purchase crypto-assets that may be used within the application ecosystem

  • Giving users the option to defer private key management until they are ready