Give your users frictionless access to their funds and your product experience.


The established expectation of Web 2 accessibility is for a user to have instant access to funds as soon as they hit an in-app account. There is no concept of "activation" or "deployment" when it comes to Web 2 in-app funds, and no extra actions are required from the user.

However, using Web 3 applications typically requires small payments called gas fees to engage with the underlying blockchain network. Gas fees are important for maintaining the integrity and security of a blockchain network, but can pose significant friction around existing behavior patterns by requiring extra UI elements and button clicks.

The goal then is to ensure that a user is able to interact with your application unhindered by Web 3 technical requirements that could be abstracted away.

User benefits

  • Hiding gas fees under the hood by handling them on the user's behalf

  • Chaining application logic to automate method calls that reduce the number of user action

  • Enabling the flexible support of multiple crypto-assets