Use the Abridged SDK Playground to visually explore the method calls available with the Abridged SDK.


We provide a convenient hosted front-end that can be used to quickly experiment with all the method calls available with the Abridged SDK without having to download anything locally. You can run the Playground from any device with a web browser. All of the SDK code that is executed in the Playground is visually exposed so you can know exactly what is going on.

The Abridged SDK is still in pre-release version and is distributed under the codename "Archanova".

Hosted Playground link

Link to the Abridged SDK Playground.

Tips on navigating the Playground

There are 4 main sections of the Playground:

  1. Header section lives at the top where you'll see basic information about your network, account, and device.

  2. Sidebar section is on the left with tabs that correspond to the different method calls available with the Abridged SDK, separated by categories.

  3. Main section takes up most of the Playground, consisting of blocks of Abridged SDK code, parameter inputs, and accompanying buttons to execute the active block of code.

  4. Footer section lives at the bottom where you'll have access to console output data, all events generated by the Abridged SDK, and the current state of the SDK.

The SDK Playground has a hidden tooltip feature to activate help messages and guide you without you having to leave the Playground, activate it here🤫

Recommended flows

If it's your first time interacting with the Abridged SDK, we recommend going through the method calls in the following order for each flow to quickly explore the SDK's core functionalities. Try them out yourself by clicking through each method call.

Account contract

Account payments

Account (Virtual) Payments (both specified & anonymous receiver flows)

Account recovery

Account Recovery (both pre- & post-deployment flows)

Test faucets

You can acquire some test ether by clicking one of these links corresponding to your preferred test network: