Learn how to use the Abridged CLI to quickly scaffold a Web 3 project from scratch.

How it works

With the Abridged CLI, you can easily scaffold a project from scratch with Web 3 components so that you can focus on building out amazing application logic that delivers an amazing product experience. The Abridged CLI operates a layer above the Abridged SDK under the hood to tap into its powerful capabilities and aid your application development process.

An application using Abridged consists of 3 main components:

  1. Your native mobile or web-based application

  2. Your backend

  3. The Abridged SDK

If you're looking for a more detailed reference with all available commands and flags, consult our full CLI commands list.

Step 1: Install the CLI

The Abridged CLI is available via npm. You will need to have npm already installed.

The Abridged CLI is still in pre-release version and is distributed under the codename "Archanova".

Type the following command in your shell:

$ npm install -g @archanova/cli

To confirm that your install was successful, run the following command in your shell:

$ archanova-cli

If your install was successful, you should see something like this in your shell:

Step 2: Access the CLI

To start using the Abridged CLI, you will want to initialize the CLI.

Type the following command in your shell:

$ archanova-cli init

When you run the above-mentioned command, the Abridged CLI will generate a device address for you to use throughout your application development process.

If you successfully initialized the CLI, you will get a message that informs you that the SDK is initializing and then you will see your generated device address as well as a giant QR code just like this:

You are now ready to develop your application with the Abridged CLI!

To quickly experience the power of the Abridged CLI, follow our quickstart guide to start a tic-tac-toe game in !