SDK Preview

Use Abridged Preview to visually explore the method calls available with the Abridged SDK.


Abridged Playground (Version 1.0) is now renamed to Abridged Preview (Version 2.0)

The easiest way to see the power of the Abridged SDK is through our point-and-click Preview where you can execute method calls on the testnet.

Link to the Abridged SDK Preview

We provide a convenient hosted front-end that can be used to quickly experiment with all the method calls available with the Abridged SDK without having to download anything locally. You can run the Preview from any device with a web browser. All of the SDK code that is executed in the Preview is visually exposed so you can know exactly what is going on.

Preview provides you with the stable state in which our SDK functions properly.

If you ever get stuck on how to use the Abridged SDK within your app, you can copy and paste the code block that you need from Preview into your codebase. It's very useful for debugging!

If it's your first time interacting with the Abridged SDK, we recommend going through the quickstart guide below for setting up account contracts to quickly explore the SDK's core functionality (and most used feature!) in 4 easy steps. Click through each header to be guided to the proper methods in the Abridged SDK Preview for each step.

Tips on navigating the Preview

There are 4 main sections of the Preview:

  1. Header section lives at the top where you'll see basic information about your account, balance, and auth key.

  2. Sidebar section is on the left with tabs that correspond to the different method calls available with the Abridged SDK, separated by categories.

  3. Main section takes up most of the Preview, consisting of blocks of Abridged SDK code, parameter inputs, and accompanying buttons to execute the active block of code.

  4. Footer section lives at the bottom where you'll have access to console output data, all events generated by the Abridged SDK, and the current state of the SDK.

Quickstart Guide

The Preview initializes automatically on the Kovan testnet so all you really need to do is to open the Preview!

You can make sure you're on the right network by looking at the network section in the footer. Your state$ console - located in the footer - will also print "initialized".

Click on the Submit button to create your account contract.

You can make sure your account contract is created by checking that theaccountsection in your header shows an address value. Your console will also print information about your newly created account contract.

Copy your account address from the Preview and enter it in the provided faucet website to acquire some Kovan testnet ETH. This will ensure you have adequate ETH to deploy the account contract in the next step.

You can make sure you have adequate ETH by checking that the account balancesection in the header has a non-zero value. If you are using a different testnet, we've got you covered with all available faucet links here.


You can make sure your account is automatically deployed by checking that thestate$console in your footer changes from"deployed: false" to "deployed: true". Your console will also print the transaction hash of your account contract deployment.

Congratulations🎉🎉! You just used the Abridged SDK to explore a seamless Web 3 onboarding flow by creating and deploying your first account contract!

What your user sees

When you integrate the Abridged SDK with this account contract setup flow into your application, you're able to seamlessly onboard your users with a wallet without changing any existing signup behavior or requiring them to download additional software. From the user's perspective, it can look something like this:

Simple app signup flow with Abridged account contracts + AWS Cognito

Next steps to level up

If you're ready to dive deeper into what is possible with Abridged, you can do the following:

  1. Go through the SDK reference for information about each available method

  2. Read through the various Web 3 components you can access with the Abridged SDK

  3. Read through the backend architecture that powers Abridged technology

Test faucets

You can acquire some test ether by clicking one of these links corresponding to your preferred test network:

We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have. Pose a question to our developer community in the Abridged chat channel. We'd also love to hear from you if you want to give us feedback or experience any bugs or issues!