Instant Deposit Contract

Get familiar with the Abridged instant deposit contract.


For the first time ever, you are able to instantly execute transactions within a state channel from a cold start via our instant deposit contract.

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​‌Instant Channels

Whenever you generate a new account address with your device key, an accompanying unique instant deposit address is automatically generated at the same time. This instant deposit address can receive and store funds to be used within an Abridged state channel.

Using our instant channel design, you are able to get your users set up with an account and immediately interact with your Web 3 application without ever having to worry about any transaction throughput ceilings.

Programmatic Fund Withdrawal

Your instant deposit contract is where your funds are initially sent to and stored when you first generate a new account.

When you call the withdraw function, the registry contract checks to see if your instant deposit contract has funds in it. If it contains funds, it will programmatically execute the contract deployment via a meta-transaction. The rest of your instant deposit contract's funds is sent to the now deployed account contract for you to continue using.