Abridged Overview

Welcome to Abridged! Get familiar with the Abridged developer tool suite and explore their features.

Getting started

Abridged is a platform for rapid Web 3 application development, making it easy for you to stand up a UX-centric Web 3 application in minutes. Follow our quickstart guide with the Preview to quickly experience everything our SDK offers without having to install anything!

You're currently looking at documentation for Abridged V2. If you're looking for information on Abridged V1, consult our V1 docs.

Enable Web 3 features for your application

Abridged allows you to easily add Web 3 components into an existing app - from crypto payments to blockchain-secured game state and everything in between. By adding Web 3 components into your app, you are able to unlock efficient value transfer that can only be facilitated by the use of blockchain technology.

Abridged supports a range of Web 3 components that can be integrated into your application, including counterfactual account contracts, state channels, and meta-transactions.

Abridged provides all Web 3 components in a modular fashion, so developers are free to build applications that lie anywhere along the decentralization spectrum. We especially encourage developers with no prior blockchain experience to use Abridged and experiment with Web 3 capabilities.

Onboard users

Abridged makes it simple to onboard any user into the crypto ecosystem without the hassles of downloading a browser extension, saving private keys or memorizing seed phrase mnemonics. Dramatically increase signup conversions by integrating account contracts into your application via our SDK.

Scale transaction throughput

Whether you're building the next breakout game, social network, or video streaming app, you can use Abridged to ensure your Web 3 application scales along with the growth of your user activity. Learn how to integrate state channels via our SDK so your users never experience latency as your application processes transactions.

Add fiat/crypto conversion

Easily allow your users to deposit and convert their fiat currency into cryptocurrency to be used within your application. Learn more about integrating crypto on-ramps so you can access plug-and-play payment rails solutions.

Extend Abridged's component offerings

Integrate your own Web 3 component into Abridged to gain exposure to our developer ecosystem. Start by enrolling in the Abridged Builder Program and use Abridged as your launchpad.

Partners who are accepted into the Abridged Builder Program will automatically be qualified for early access to the Abridged Portal, our integration management & analytics interface for cryptonative product teams.


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have. Pose a question to our developer community in the Abridged chat channel.

If you encounter any bugs or issues, let us know in our early access Telegram chat group and we'd love to help!